“The items on display at this exhibition are a source of delight and inspiration to all art lovers. We can relax and refresh our mind by appreciating creative works at exhibitions like this. Such experience enriches our inner self and adds quality to our living. Former President Late Ranasinghe Premadasa-November 1992.
“..While steeped in Sri Lankan history and firmly rooted in Buddhist traditions and teachings, Kalasuri Semage’s paintings are not parochial and introspective spiritual representations. They are creative expressions of central tents of Buddhism that urge us to respect life in all its forms and to act with compassion in all our actions..”
Vladimir Petrovsky:Director-General,United Nations Office,Geneva-January 2002.
“His paintings are very beautiful and easy to understand when looked at. They possess a tremendous amount of beauty and emphasis on life and peace which is so important these days when there is so much violence and bloodshed around us.”
Dr. Arzu Deuba First Lady in Nepal. December 2001
“Diverse influences has shaped Jayasiri’s Colorful, tradition but modern style: these include religion, images from his village childhood and even Picasso.”
Daniel B. Haber. Renowned, Journalist, Bangkok..
Beauty and happiness are the unique characters of Mr. Semage’s creations. Using subtle colors in harmony with a mixture of traditional motives and patterns he bridges many worlds. For his creativeness and talent Mr.Semage has been named as the Sri Lanka’s ‘Millennium Artist - Pamela J.Deen - Ambassador of Sri Lanka in Nepal. December 2001.
“…His religious paintings are important in that they take on the spirit of Buddhist art of the Far East in general, at the same time showing their indebtedness to the Ajantha – Sigiri murals. Here, therefore, is a master artist-craftsman who is deep-rooted in his country’s tradition. The style is also therefore traditional, albeit modern, figurative, linearly defined and hence precise…”
Dr.Sumet Jumsai. - Architech, National Artist, Bangkok.2000.

“…Jayasiri Semage’s works are most versatile paintings of the day which depict a cross section of the Sri Lankan heritage…”
W.J.E. Monhemius - Art Critic, The Netherlands
“A feast for the senses! What a rich and beautiful art display. What a gift, that you are so talented.”
Pippa Biggs.- Visitor to Art Exhibition held at UN Main Hall, Geneva.-January 2002.
Indeed the warm and fluid paintings bring the sunshine and lush vegetation of Sri Lanka into already wintry Nepal. Sometimes the paintings are reminiscent of Picasso, other times they remind one of the paintings of Indian artist Jamini Roy. Semage’s paintings represent figures, mostly women, intertwined with nature, and painted with such exuberance and joy that one smiles as one views them”
Babara Adams. - People’s Review, Nepal. December 2001.
“The Siddhartha Art Gallery is indeed privileged to host the exhibitions of paintings by Jayasiri Semage, renowned Artist from Sri Lanka – in collaboration with the Sri Lankan Embassy in Nepal. This exhibition is the very first by a Sri Lankan Artist in Nepal. This exhibition marks a milestone in bridging cultural ties.”
Sangeeta Thapa. - Director-General, iddhartha Art Gallery, Nepal. December 2001.
“His art is alive with both the rhythm and movement encapsulated on his canvases. Some of the paintings were made up with his characteristics curved strokes. Others were magically built up from triangles, trapezoids and rectangles. All were peaceful, happy and harmonious. They were simply the beauty he sees in everyday Sri Lankan village life…”
Dr.Gaya M. Gamhewage. - Journalist, Geneva. March 2002.
Excerpts from World Press.
“At a time when Nepal is facing a crisis bound by violence, bloodshed and hatred, Jayasiri Semage has brought beauty, love and happiness through his typically Sri Lankan art, which without doubt reflects a longing for peace, love and normalcy…”
‘Kathmandu post 01 December 2001.

“…Semage has portrayed feminine characteristics meticulously…His drawings have a kind of flow and brush strokes that speak eloquently...the very colors and curves that his handiwork has is an enhancement that enthralls an onlooker…”
‘The Himalayan Times’ 11 December 2001.

“Semage is one of the most talented artists in Sri Lanka. His works definitely represent a landmark in the Sri Lankan context…”
‘Metro’ Stockholm. September 1999.

“…Veteran Sri Lankan artist Jayasiri Semage encompasses forms and lines of traditional Sri Lankan art into his paintings….”
‘The Nation’ Bangkok. 18 May 2000.

“The genius with the palette and the brush”
“Semage – a painter of repute”
“Semage is still unique.”
‘Daily News’

“Semage’s paintings embossed with his identity”
“Semage bridges many worlds”
“Although some modern-day paintings are somewhat mind boggling. Semage’s creations exude peace, beauty and happiness. How ever, diverse influences have shaped his colorful traditional but modern style. The Ajantha and Sigiriya Murals, some of the best cave paintings in South Asia, have had a tremendous influence on him. Therefore, if any one criticizes his bosomy maidens as Western corruptions should think twice before doing so.”
‘Sunday Observer’

“Jayasiri Semage – A maestro who blends art with architecture”
‘Sunday Island’

“Semage – Artist of rare talent”
‘Sunday Leader’
“Semage – Master designer of Vesak Pandols”
“Semage – He modifies temple murals.”
Prime Minister’s Message
Kala Suri Jayasiri Semage is an artist of international repute who is closely associated with Sri Lankan art for many decades. He has chosen to exhibit his paintings in Helsinki, Finland this time following many successful exhibitions he had held in Sweeden, Malayasia, Singapore, Thailand and Nepal.
It gives me great pleasure to note that he had chosen “Love and Peace” as the theme of this exhibition. What better medium to convey man’s love for peace than through paintings. Scandinavian art lovers have already been introduced to Semage’s art. Now for the first time in Finland, his art which is developed on the Sigiri-Ajanta tradition of medieval times, will make an indelible mark on Finnish audiences. His themes are fusion of East and west making his work particularly appealing and popular among Western art aficionados.
His effort conveys the oasis of peace which prevails in his native land following a prolonged period of war and conflict.
I wish his exhibition all success.
Ranil Wickramasinghe
Former Prime Minister of Sri Lanka

President’s Message
It is with a sense of appreciation that I send this congratulatory message to Kala Suri Jayasiri Semage, one of the most senior artists in Sri Lanka. Having bagged many International achievements in his career as an artist of unique identity, Semage is now extending his horizons to Finland. His exhibition in Finland as a matter of fact, gives every Sri Lankan art lover a new sense of pride.
Semage started his career as a painter and journalist. He drew mush inspiration from ancient traditions of the East, while adopting modern forms and techniques. This created an extremely beautiful and romantic version of paintings. These achievements won him the titles of Kala Suri and Kala Bhushana.
I wish to congratulate him on his achievements and wish him well with exhibitions that are being organized in Scandinavian countries.
Chandrika Bandaranayaka Kumarathunga
Former President of Sri Lanka